导语:《弱点》的原名是《blind side》,我觉得翻译成《盲点》更合适些,影片从两个角度诠释了生命的盲点。这个道理适用于所有的人,度人就是度己,做一个对他人有意义的人,就是对自己最好的成全。今天小编就为大家推荐三篇英文观后感,希望对你们有帮助。



This is a can’t-miss family movie. After all, EVERYONE seems to like inspiring family films–especially when it’s based on real people. And, not surprisingly, I had a thoroughly good time watching it–though I do recommend you see it with a box of Kleenex nearby.

The film is about a young man named Michael Oher–an extremely large black teenager who has bounced from home to home in the foster care system. Currently, he’s in a new school and no one realizes that he has no place to live. Yet in spite of having a crack-addicted mother, a father who was killed in prison and every other reason to be an angry powder keg, he’s a very gentle and sad soul—who is also enormous and has amazing potential to play football.

A nosy but very nice lady (Sandra Bullock) convinces her husband (Tim McGraw) to bring Michael home…at least for the night. But this one night turns into a permanent living situation and he becomes an important part of the family. However, despite this new living arrangement working out well, Michael is so far behind in school and his GPA so low that he hasn’t a prayer to play football in college. That’s because although many schools are now offering him athletic scholarships, his GPA is too low to allow him to accept these offers. So, with his new family’s help, perhaps he can pull up those grades and have a future.

This film is super-inspirational and sweet–mostly because it’s true. I am sure that some poetic license was taken when making the film (I especially wonder if the little brother could be THIS precocious and adorable), but overall they did a good job of sticking reasonably close the facts. While I loved Sandra Bullock’s performance (she’s great as usual), I was a bit surprised that she received Oscar for it–I did see a few performances in other films that year that I thought were a bit better (such as the leading young lady in “Precious”). Also, Tim McGraw, while a lesser role in the film, did a surprisingly good job–especially as he’s really known as a country singer, not an actor. All around, a very good film and one that is meant to inspire.


Yesterday saw (weaknesses), in fact earlier before I went to see it, but the thunderbolt examined next, see evaluation say subtitle translator is very bad we haven’t seen. Yesterday finally finished watching the movie, also didn’t think translation have what problem, it seems that comment is not credible. The truth is very moving, although the witcher nothing big fluctuations, but is such a movie to real, to touching. In Sandra took Oscar later did I know her name, then in thunderbolt recommend that saw written oscar-winning film, starring Sandra, I click go to see it, but behold got oolong, Adam. Thornton le mistaken as Sandra. Brock, but the film also is very good-looking, there are also about football, with the name, the last of the yard. Seeing so many foreign movies, weakness was the first to let me see will want to cry. In the streets, evening see mike in laundry overnight, and when brock let her brought home the scene really is very moving. Remember early days David asked my favorite thing to do what it is and I was not think out, now I can tell him, I like watching movies. Watching movies can make us feel different life, not the same person, different life. In the reality doesn’t happen or appear thing also perhaps people can we by movie to satisfy – it’s a movie can bring a person.


Watching The Blind Side, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d fallen into an alternative universe where the Republicans are still in charge in America. Sandra Bullock plays Leigh Anne Touhy, a larger than life Momzilla, and blonde sub-species of the genus Sarah palinus. She’s almost as funny as Tina Fey doing her dead on impression of the former Governor of Alaska, with lines like “I’m in a prayer group with the D.A., I’m a member of the NRA and I’m always packing,” delivered absolutely straight. Until you realise we’re meant to be rooting for her. Leigh Anne is an interior decorator with a penchant for sentimental gold tat and a heart to match. When she sees that a po’ black kid at her children’s school is effectively homeless, she takes him in and in her no-nonsense fashion shapes him into a professional-calibre American football player. This is a true story – the real Michael Oher currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens, having been legally adopted by the Touhys (don’t expect to hear much from Leigh Anne’s hubby, by the way, he’s the strong silent type) at high-school age.



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